Sustainable Water Filters

Water Filters

Everyone deserves clean water.
It’s our most basic human right.

Our mission is to connect people, businesses, and innovation together so people everywhere have clean and safe drinking water by providing them with water filters!

All of our filters are assembled in Colorado and Michigan, by our staff of volunteers. Village Water Filters has no paid employees. It is this staff of volunteers that allows us to bring our filters to you and other people in need.

We will not make unsubstantiated claims. Please see our laboratory test results under Downloads. Additionally, we encourage you to conduct your own field test. Our filters remove all bacteria and protozoa to meet or exceed EPA water standards.

Our Goals

The goal of Village Water Filters is to produce a low cost water filter that will reduce pain, suffering and death caused by consuming unclean water. Some programs put in wells, some provide large scale water treatment and others use rain water harvesting. We support all of these efforts. Unfortunately, there will always be those that do not have access to such a program. It is this sector of the population that we serve. Anyone who receives a bucket filter will be able to filter water anywhere, anytime. These filters are ideal for developing countries, natural disasters or refugee situations. If a family becomes displaced for any reason, they can carry their filter with them.

Our Technology

The Village Water Filter bucket filter utilizes a .1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter. The filter element itself is manufactured by NOK of Japan. Our bucket filter removes all bacteria and protozoa to meet or exceed EPA standards. Our filters do not remove dissolved solids, including chemicals and heavy metals. The useful life of the filter cannot be determined as it is dependent on the turbidity of the water and the degree of operator maintenance. The filters should last for an extended period of time (years) if properly maintained. Proper use of a prefilter will extend the use of the filter.

The Bucket Filter flow rate is approximately 1 gallon per five minutes.

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