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For NGOs distributing filters we offer the following

Prior to distributing filters a survey should be conducted to establish the need for filters and establish a baseline of sickness so that future improvement can be measured. This is a time-consuming process and we recommend that it be done at least a month before filter distribution so that all data can be evaluated. You will find a survey available for download on this site.
Prior to distribution an NGO may want to gather names of households designated to receive filters. If the NGO is not distributing the buckets, this will give the household time to acquire one. Having local recipients furnish their own bucket helps insure that they will value the filter.

Water test kits are available for field testing of water. Testing the water is highly recommended as it definitively establishes the need or lack of need for filters. Field tests are available. We recommend a Compartment Bag Test which is a detection quantification test for E. coli. You may order these tests at:

It is recommended that recipients be required to assemble their own bucket filter. The drill bit that comes with the filter should be utilized by hand. Assembling the filter and drilling the hole for the recipient decreases their sense of ownership. An unclear understanding of how to disassemble and backwash the filter is the number one reason for filter/program failure. Each recipient should be required to demonstrate how to backwash the filter before leaving the assembly area. It is recommended that the recipient demonstrate how to backwash the filter three times using real filtered water each time. It is important that real and not imaginary water be used in demonstration. The recipient should disassemble, backwash and reassemble the filter three times (without assistance) before being given ownership of the filter. This is best accomplished by utilizing smaller breakout groups. This method is time-consuming, but insures a higher degree of success.


Remember that instructors will need to be trained and demonstrate proficiency to insure they are qualified to teach others. Do not assume everyone is a good instructor. Poor instructions/demonstrations will substantially impact your project.

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