Having clean water is privilage of some people.

But some people need to wake up every day with worry where to get safe drinkable water.

Our mission is to connect people, businesses, and innovation together so people everywhere have clean and safe drinking water by providing them Village Water Filters!

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We collaborate together with Connect For Water and Business Connect World to bring water products and solutions to those in need around the world.

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We make the filters

They receive donations to buy filters

They sell and distrubute the filters

Connect for water

Connect For Water is another NGO who receives donations to distribute water filters to those in need in countries with natural disasters or other major problems. Connect for Water updates you on the needs around the world and shows you how you can help.

business connect world

Business Connect is our ecommerce partner and offers discounts and updates on their products via this email subscription. Business Connect has distributors and local partners around the world running their own businesses helping people in the developing world have access to clean drinking water and sustainable businesses